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USB Storage Adapter >

Super-fast transfer rate! USB3.0 HDD Docking Station to enhance your user experience!

USB Hub >

USB3.0 gadgets enable you to sync or transfer from one single USB connector on your Macbook or desktop that links everything.

USB Charger >

QuickCharge2.0 enable save you hours, whether it’s a smartphone, tablet or a MP3 player - all can be charged at the same time with one powerful Mains Charger.

Surge Protector >

Plug anything in at once - no choosing between your devices or hunting for spare adapters.

Bluetooth Products >

High Quality, Excellent Processing and Long Lifetime.

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We provide you with cost-effective electronic products or upgrades, including Expansion Cards, Power Supplies & Batteries, Hard Drives Docking & Enclosure, Cables & Tools etc. We provide the best after service, of course.

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